Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bryce Canyon

Have been to Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks in South-western Utah this memorial week-end. Some photos from Bryce here.

Bryce amphitheatre

How the hoodoos are formed

Play of light and shadows

Checkerboard Mesa (Amazing patterns formed due to erosion by wind)

Sinking ship

Life 'rock's/ जिजीविषा

Stand up and make a point


Bakwaas said...

Hey Nandan, Hi this is tanushree, am sarika's friend, came across your link through her's. I was at Bryce too just last weekend. I have put a link of your snaps on my clicks for interested people to go beyond and find for themselves the beauty of Bryce, hope that is fine with u - tanu

Nupur said...

Beautiful pictures! The hoodoos are really something...I saw some in the Canadian rockies last year.

Nandan said...

@Tanushree - Ya, its fine. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Bryce.

@Nupur - Thanks for your comment. Did not know even Canadian rockies have hoodoos. New addition to my must-visit places :)

Y3 said...

वा: खूप सुंदर फ़ोटो आहेत ...
लगेच जावस वाटतय utah ला...