Friday, December 09, 2005


Received this image from a friend recently, which shows the sorry state of birth-place of Shivaji Maharaj. If Maharashtra government would spend 1% of the money on taking care of historical places of what it otherwise spends on erecting statues of Shivaji and renaming every nook and corner after him; then that would be a true memorial for coming generations. Otherwise all they are likely to see is 'Vasu loves Sapna' and its many versions.


Sudhu said...

ha ha.. very well pointed out Nandan. Truly ironic, the attitude of Maharashtra Govt.
Dude, you have to put a permanent link on your Viprashna blog to this Blog. I keep forgetting you have 3 blogs :)

Nandan said...

Ya, something I am planning to do for a long time. :)

Akira said...


That is the state of almost all the forts in MH state! See the sorry state in which Janjeera stands in my latest post on my marathi blog.

anamika said...

shivneri cha photo pahun vait vaTale va Aaapan kahich karat nahi yachi khant hi..

Parag said...

Hi Khup chaan site aahe tumchi... Shivaneri sathi aapan kahi karu ya ka??

Unmesh Patil said...

Hey buddy,
I ama surprised. I have been to Shivneri on the 18th May and its the most clean and better maintained fort. You can find the latest pictures on my blog


Nandan said...

Hi Unmesh, thanks for your comments. The photos look much better. Its good that things are improving.

Akira, anamika, parag - thanks for your comments, too.